Modular startkde proof of concept

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at
Thu Aug 20 15:31:57 BST 2015

Hello all

We ( aka's distros ) been patching startkde for years due obvious
particular things oriented to the specific distro.
Believe or not, is always an issue, since systems changes, and changed a
lot in this years.

So, in a quick talk on Fedora KDE irc channel, i propose some old idea on
how to pursue the modularization of startkde, in some way easy to whitelist
/ blacklist / cutomize everything.

The idea is pretty simple, startkde do onthing more than source a numbered
scripts, following the ordefr under /etc/startkde.d

If some distribution want to blcklist or modify the script, it can add te
same one in /etc/startkde.d/custom and the custom script will be read
instead of the regular one.

It can be found on startkde_refactoring branch in plasma-workspace and is
in a rough state to be used. The bare metal tests worked, but not the
proper install part checked.
Quick link:

Since this is really distribution oriented, i would like to ask if we can
pursue this solution and what can be done to be better.

Helio Castro
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