Replacement for KDateTime

John Layt john at
Mon Aug 3 22:15:51 BST 2015

On 3 August 2015 at 19:03, Thomas L├╝bking <thomas.luebking at> wrote:

> Disclaimer: I may talk nonsense.
> What about exporting LC_TIME=KDE and have a ~/.local/share/i18n/locales/KDE
> which can be configured from the locale kcm.
> This way *all* applications (including even mc ;-) would follow the pattern
> the user configures there. (Except the KDE SC4 applications, but we could
> probably write the legacy config for them)
> The major pitfall (what I don't know how to do) is:
> "how to get userpath locale definitions recognized"?

Not nonsense, exactly my long-term plan to get Gtk and other apps to
use the right Plasma locale settings when running under Plasma. It
'just' requires the kcm to learn how to write and compile a POSIX
locale file.

One problem is Qt completely ignores the contents of that file, and
indeed I'm not sure it would even manage to extract the correct locale
name even so you'd end up with some default.


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