Replacement for KDateTime

John Layt jlayt at
Mon Aug 3 21:57:36 BST 2015

On 3 August 2015 at 07:33, Martin Klapetek <martin.klapetek at> wrote:

> So what is missing/wanted is telling QLocale to use en_GB *but* return
> any time string in 24h format for example. Or to use ISO date format
> by default. The stuff coming from cldr might not always be what
> the user wants. And there's no easy and global way to override it
> other than setting different LC_TIME value, which is less than ideal
> as it can give you 24h clock format but will leave you with different
> date format too, so it's a hit'n'miss game.

> Suppose there's such QLocale setting as described above, then it would
> be just a matter of some regexp inside the time formatting function which
> would add/remove the "ap"/"AP" strings for the clock. I imagine.

There's code that does that floating around in KDE or Qt, can't recall
where, but it is fraught with problems in unconventional languages.
You also need to replace the hh with HH to get the 24 rather than 12.

But it's a hard rule in QLocale: no overriding default settings
provided by the system, as those are the system settings and what the
user expects you to use, e.g. on Windows and Mac you can switch from
12 to 24 hours and have it respected by Qt. If you want a different
format, then pass a custom pattern each time.

The problem actually is that Plasma is not considered a system
platform by QLocale, it doesn't go looking for what Plasma wants, it
just uses the underlying GNU/Linux system settings. Convince Qt to
hard-code in a lookup of some Plasma config file with user overrides
to be applied whenever Qt apps run under Plasma and then you can get
what you need. I had plans somewhere for how that would work, and how
we could also make Gtk apps use our settings too by manipulating the
LC_* settings.


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