branchGroup stable-qt4 Compile failures. Need dev assistance please.

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Wed Apr 29 22:26:14 BST 2015

Hi Scarlett,

great work with the update of the KDE CI, thank you for caring for that side 
of development :)

2 things where you asked for more help: 

Am Dienstag, 21. April 2015, 13:45:06 schrieb Scarlett Clark:
> I know this is an external depend, but I have no experience with it.
> Can maybe a calligra dev take a look, as they need it.
> VC
> mpiler=gcc/2/console

Please build only the 0.7.4 release of vc, tagged with "0.7.4". So not 
"master" or anything else. That would be for any builds of vc, in any group 
(vc does not use qt anyway). AFAIK only Calligra uses vc right now, and in all 
branches Calligra needs vc 0.7(.4).
> With that said:
> Calligra: (probably vc)
> alligra-2.9%20stable-qt4/10/

Yes, given so far no vc build completed, this seems to fail when trying to get 
a built version of vc. Should work better once there is one :)

Though there seems also another problem: commits to the "calligra/2.9" branch 
are not triggering any builds of the qt4 stable build:

That was not a problem in the old CI, but so far noone can tell what is wrong 
now. Commits to the "frameworks" and "master" branches seem to properly 
trigger builds of the respective build setups. Perhaps you might have an idea?


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