Distros and QtWebEngine

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Tue Apr 21 14:44:35 BST 2015

Thomas Lübking wrote:
>    I know nothing about the trouble w/ QWebEngine¹, but what is insinuated
>    here is that it's completely unusable, unmaintainable, undistributable
>    - ie. Qt then simply won't have any full blown web engine, resp. has
>    one that nobody uses? That issue would seem -a tiny bit- faaaar beyond
>    kdepim or anything KDE related, to me those claims read: "Qt now has no
>    longer a web kit/engine".

That's exactly the problem. I have objected to the QtWebKit deprecation on 
those exact grounds on the upstream Qt mailing list, but my complaints have 
fallen on deaf ears.

> [1] Google more Evil than Apple? WebKit blob trustworthy, but Blink blob
> [isn't? Arch just rolled that on my disk, am I now tracked or what?!?

The main problem is not about the trustworthiness of Chromium itself, but 
about its bundling of many system libraries. Packages in Fedora and Debian 
MUST build against the system version of libraries, for many practical 

That said, Google is a web-centric company and as such more likely to put 
evil stuff into their browser than Apple. In fact, Chromium and Chrome 
already have the reputation of hiding spyware (mis)features in their code.

        Kevin Kofler

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