Distros and QtWebEngine

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Tue Apr 21 08:47:21 BST 2015

On Monday 20 April 2015 23:19:22 Luigi Toscano wrote:
> Milian Wolff ha scritto:
> > I'm not a KDE PIM maintainer, but with my KDevelop hat
> > on (that uses a web view to display documentation pages, currently
> > QtWebKit),
> kio_man uses khtml (why don't you use it)? But anyway, also khtml is
> deprecated. On the other side, the html for manpages is pretty basic, and we
> control the generation - are we sure it can't work with QText* things? Same
> thing for khelpcenter, I can fix the generated html.
> I think that sometime the full blown html viewer has been abused, hence my
> question.

I'm not (only) talking about man pages (for which one could argue even a 
monospace plain-text view could be sufficient). I'm also talking about:

a) PHP online documentation
b) QtHelp documentation
c) Python documentation
d) anything else you could conceive

All of the above can contain arbitrary HTML and we did have problems before 
with QTextDocument. I can't remember why we moved away from KHTML, but afaik 
that was due to bugs and it being more or less unmaintained for ages. 
Furthermore, since we also displayed Html from within a QML code path at some 
point, we loaded in QtWebKit anyways. So the real bloat was having multiple 
HTML engines pulled in. Now, we only have QtWebKit, no KHtml.

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de

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