Distros and QtWebEngine

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Apr 20 19:17:13 BST 2015

El Dilluns, 20 d'abril de 2015, a les 13:28:59, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez 
Meyer va escriure:
> Hi everyone! I'm one of Debian's Qt maintainers and I'm writing here due to
> the problem that QtWebEngine poses for us distros (in this case, at least
> Debian and Fedora).
> I know that kdepim seems to depend on it now. Sadly QtWebEngine it's quite a
> hard (very hard) piece of software to package.
> It embeds quite a lot of 3rd party stuff which we distros don't accept (in
> different grades depending on the distro) as we require to build using the
> system versions. Fedora's Rex Dieter tells me that's actually why chromium
> is not available for them.

IMHO the duty of a distro is providing software to their users to use, if the 
rules of the distro make providing software hard/impossible they need to be 
updated or these distros need to understand they will lose users to more 
flexible distros.

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