Help please with some builds in the new jenkins-ci for KDE Cont..

Scarlett Clark sgclark at
Wed Apr 8 21:08:20 BST 2015

Hello all,
I am to the point now with my ci that I just need help with some of 
these builds. While I am learning fast,
some of these failures are stumpers.

I have been fighting with kaccounts-integration much to long. I did finally 
get it to find all its dependencies, including akonadi kf5, however...

compile failure: 
19:56:27 In file included from /home/jenkins/builds/kaccounts-
19:56:27 /home/jenkins/builds/kaccounts-
integration/tests/../src/daemon/akonadi/akonadiaccounts.h:25:33: fatal error: 
AkonadiCore/Attribute: No such file or directory
19:56:27  #include <AkonadiCore/Attribute>
19:56:27                                  ^
19:56:27 compilation terminated.

I tried: 

failures on both, even if it did work, defining all the includes seems clunky, 
surely there is a magic answer here.
Please be patient with me as most of this is a huge learning experience for 

More coming as I work all this out..
Thanks so much for any help that you all can provide me.

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