Moving KDots to KDE Review

Ian Wadham at
Mon Apr 6 13:59:17 BST 2015

Hi MInh,

On 06/04/2015, at 12:37 AM, Minh Ngo wrote:
> > Thanks, but it should not be.  You seem to have skipped 
> > … :-)
> > i.e. I do not think anybody in the KDE Games group has seen your code or, more
> > importantly, played the game.  I certainly have not yet played it.  Where was
> > KDots before?
> It was in the playground before for several years in the kde/games section, so possibly I haven't skip it. If anything is still missed, please clarify it explicitly :). I didn't use the mail list often, but I remember that I mentioned about my project few years ago in the kde-games mail list.

My apologies, I completely missed seeing KDots in Playground and I must have
missed your email somehow too.

I wonder, did anybody else from KDE Games try out KDots while it was in Playground?

> > In the past we have used Playground to develop games beyond the first draft.
> > That way we all get a chance to try out a new game before it gets set in concrete.
> > This is something like the usability review that should be a precursor of KDE Review
> > in other apps.  Also, other games authors get a chance to discuss the game and
> > suggest ideas or help out in some way.
> I supposed before that the KDEReview stage is the time where people from let's say KDEGames can review the application and give some feedback about them. Anyway, if KDEReview is still not a right place for the project I suppose it should be easy to revert the transfer (because I just requested sysadmins several days ago) and move it back to the Playground. If there aren't anybody tried the game before please do it now if you would like :).

You have done the right thing all along, except perhaps jumping up and down on
the KDE Games list and getting some feedback.  You might as well leave KDots in
KDE Review for now, but I think it might take longer than the usual 3 weeks to get a
review done.  Oh for the days when we had 15-20 people working on KDE Games!

I have cloned KDots, but right now I cannot compile it.

One problem is that Frameworks/KF5 will not compile on my Apple OS X setup.  So
I am using your last KDE 4 tagged version (tag v0.5.3).  But there is something that
the Clang compiler does not like in the files point.hpp and point.cpp.  I will ask
around on kde-mac and MacPorts lists in the next few days.  FWIW, the error
messages are:-

In file included from /kdedev/kde4m/kdesrc/kde/kdegames/kdots/point.cpp:26:
/kdedev/kde4m/kdesrc/kde/kdegames/kdots/point.hpp:78:10: error: explicit
      specialization of non-template struct 'hash'
  struct hash<KDots::Point>
         ^   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/kdedev/kde4m/kdesrc/kde/kdegames/kdots/point.cpp:123:19: error: expected ';'
      after top level declarator
  std::size_t hash<KDots::Point>::operator()(const KDots::Point& s) const
2 errors generated.

Hash is defined as struct in the std lib, so I changed "class" to "struct", but that
did not help, as you can see.

Cheers, Ian W.

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