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Hey Tobias

Some comments about the code -

1. The code seems to be licensed under GPL. In order to make it into a
framework, it will need to be re-licensed. This library seems like an ideal
candidate for becoming a framework.

2. The copyright header seems to say "Part of the Digikam Project". You may
want to change that.

3. There is an empty TODO file

4. The coding style uses seems a little unorthdox. Could you perhaps add a
link to where one can know what style is being followed? Maybe this could
go in the README file.

5. Identity ABI - The Identity class seems to be missing a d pointer.

6. From what I understand, facial recognition is not particularly cheap.
However, the APIs appear to be blocking. What is the correct way to use
them? Spawn a new thread? Run under a QRunnable?

On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 12:14 PM, Tobias Leupold <tobias.leupold at>

> Hi list!
> Here's (most of) a mail I recently posted on the kde-graphics-devel mailing
> list (cf. the whole discussion:
> ):
> I'm from the KPhotoAlbum project. We recently introduced support for face
> detection and face recognition using libkface (which is currently hosted in
> extragear/libs, cf.
> and
> Likely, this will be a part of the
> next release. Actually, we are the first project apart from Digikam (who
> initiated and maintain libkface) to use libkface.
> This leads to a problem: at the moment, libkface is distributed with the
> Digikam sources. There's an own git repository for the lib's sources in the
> KDE repositories, but there's no own release.
> Some distributors (e. g. Gentoo) have an own package for libkface
> nevertheless, others don't (e. g. Debian). So, at the moment, we would
> have to
> include libkface in our sources, as Digikam does (which would lead to
> collisions if both KPA and Digikam would be installed and is perhaps not a
> good idea) or we would have to pull the full Digikam package as a
> dependency
> if the user wants libkface support.
> Both "solutions" don't seem to be nice.
> Thus, Gilles Caulier from Digikam suggested to move libkface into
> kdegraphics/libs, so that it will be included into the normal KDE release
> cycle and will be independent of Digikam (Digikam apparently can't manage a
> separate lib release itself, the original discussion can be found at
> The discussion on kde-graphics-devel finished with the statement this had
> to
> be determined by kde-core-devel. So what do you think?
> Yours, Tobias

Vishesh Handa
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