Using Gerrit for code review in KDE

Eike Hein hein at
Sat Sep 13 23:05:47 BST 2014

On 13.09.2014 21:34, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> I also see that I should have elaborated more. I had written more and removed
> it before sending the mail.

I just wanted to say thanks for a well thought-out reply - I
didn't reply in turn because the discussion continued on the
other fork, and it's probably best if we continue there now to
avoid redundancy*.

I think Ben's mail about reviewers using their judgement in
whether to roll out a +2 (so that new contributors can hope-
fully trust a +2 when they get one) and Sven's idea of maybe
using different labels for the options to put everyone into
the right state of responsibility read on the good points
you raised.

* = is making
me paranoid now.

> Cheers
> Martin


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