Gerrit: merging feature branches

Marco Martin notmart at
Tue Oct 28 18:13:53 GMT 2014

Hi all,
Gerrit question: I have a feature branch in plasma-framework 
(mart/basicDeleteUndo), and i wanted to do the review process with gerrit.

now i tried the following 3 approaches, that all fail miserably:
* from my branch: git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master gives [remote rejected] 
master -> refs/for/master (no new changes)
* from master: git rebase mart/basicDeleteUndo, then git push gerrit 
master:refs/for/master . it complains that a commit doesn't have an id (all of 
my commits in the branch have it)
* from master: git merge mart/basicDeleteUndo: complains as well that a commit 
doesn't have id (may be the merge commit in this case?)

in the end the nearest i could get is

Can the feature branch workflow work at all in gerrit or is better to just use 

Marco Martin

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