Severe behavioural change regressions in release branch

"Marko Käning" mk-lists at
Sun Oct 26 13:23:54 GMT 2014

> Earlier this year, I was working on lots of performance metrics of CMake
> and this was part of it. There ended up being more than a dozen branches
> resulting from that work (some of them still unmerged). Doing some
> digging shows that this is where the commit finally hit master:
>     commit bd20dd6b8a925a421167602027fff9b904fd0822
>     Merge: b041fc1 e17a69b
>     Author: Brad King <brad.king at>
>     Date:   Thu Jun 12 11:28:44 2014 -0400

Yep, I can verify that I had to use on OSX/CI the version from June 3rd for quite
a while, since that was the only one which would give me the desired builds.


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