kompare, libkomparediff2 and KDE Applications 14.12

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Tue Oct 7 23:30:22 BST 2014


On Tuesday 07 October 2014 at 15:59:17, Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> Libkomparediff2 has been ported to kf5 for quite some time, kdevelop
> or kdevplatform frameworks based code (not sure if it's master or
> frameworks branches) uses it and it seems to work ok there. I wonder
> when we should merge libkomparediff2's frameworks branch into master
> though.  For one thing it would probably be a bad idea to release
> kdesdk 14.12 with kompare based on qt4 and libkomparediff2 based on
> qt5, also, kdevelop using kf5 will most likely want/need a release of
> libkomparediff2 that uses kf5/qt5 before they can release.

Hmmm, indeed, I see that it's a mess. What about releasing both, a kdelibs 4 
version of libkomparediff2 from master with kdesdk 14.12 and a KF5 version of 
libkomparediff2 from frameworks with KDevelop 5? We would then merge frameworks 
into master at some point after 14.12 branches, when the Kompare port will be 

> So Kevin, are you planning to port kompare itself to qt5/kf5 for the
> 14.12 release (looks like feature freeze is at the end of october
> though, so maybe not enough time, depending) ?

My plan was actually to target the port for the next release. It has always 
been the KDE-wide plan that not all applications would be ported in 14.12. I 
almost certainly don't have the time to do that port within the 3 weeks that 
are left until feature freeze (October 29 according to TechBase).

> I can help with/do the kompare port if needed/wanted, just thought I'd
> get some information from the libkomparediff2 users before I took any
> action at this point I guess.

If you are going to do the port for 14.12, I'm not going to stop you (as long 
as you stick to the freeze schedule and the port is feature-complete by 
feature freeze), but the amount of time I can spend on this is limited at the 

        Kevin Kofler

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