kompare, libkomparediff2 and KDE Applications 14.12

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Tue Oct 7 22:59:17 BST 2014

Kevin, Others,

Libkomparediff2 has been ported to kf5 for quite some time, kdevelop
or kdevplatform frameworks based code (not sure if it's master or
frameworks branches) uses it and it seems to work ok there. I wonder
when we should merge libkomparediff2's frameworks branch into master
though.  For one thing it would probably be a bad idea to release
kdesdk 14.12 with kompare based on qt4 and libkomparediff2 based on
qt5, also, kdevelop using kf5 will most likely want/need a release of
libkomparediff2 that uses kf5/qt5 before they can release.

So Kevin, are you planning to port kompare itself to qt5/kf5 for the
14.12 release (looks like feature freeze is at the end of october
though, so maybe not enough time, depending) ?

KDevelop guys, when do you plan to release the first version of
kdevelop and kdevplatform based on qt5 ?

I can help with/do the kompare port if needed/wanted, just thought I'd
get some information from the libkomparediff2 users before I took any
action at this point I guess.


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