SDDM-KCM In Review

David Edmundson david at
Sat Oct 4 21:38:30 BST 2014

Hey all,

I want to merge SDDM-KCM [1] into Plasma for 5.2. It's in kdereview now
starting the mandatory review period.

It's a config module for configuring SDDM, the Display Manager. Mostly
themes and autologin, plus some misc options.

The final destination will be workspace.

Application history:
 - I wrote a KCM for LightDM in Playground
 - This was forked and changed to work on SDDM in Github
 - We switched to SDDM as the recommended DM for Plasma
 - We want a KCM to configure it
 - It's easier (for translations especially) if we put the KCM back our
 - Upstream are happy for this to happen [1]


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