desktoptojson and list properties / i18n of JSON files

Burkhard Lück lueck at
Thu Nov 20 18:57:54 GMT 2014

Am Mittwoch, 19. November 2014, 23:00:57 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> Well, there's two steps about this:
> 1) Know where the code is that gets the Name/Comment/Description from the
> json
> 2) Decide how you want to translate stuff (which may depend on 1)
> For 2) there's broadly two options:
> 2.1: Make the .json file have the translations and make sure the code from
> 1  reads it properly
> 2.2: Make the translations be in the .po and then make the code from 1 read 
> the english variant and call i18n(englishText)
> 2.2 is easier (if possible to change the code in 1 to do it) since it does
> not  involve writing back strings to the json file.

In kf5 using "LANGUAGE=foo kate" or LANGUAGE=foo kdevelop" (both projects do 
not install desktop files but use json files generated at build time from 
desktop files)  I see the name/description (from the json files) of plugins in 
the settings dialog translated in language "foo". 

So apparently in kf5 using json files with translated Name/Description as 
provided by Kevin's example kdevpatchreview.json I get the proper translations 
in the GUI.
Please check that, you do not need to have language "foo" installed, just 
launch kate or kdevelop using x-test/uk/de/fr... as value for "foo".

If that works we could treat json and desktop files in the same way from 
devel/translators pov, because what is the difference between desktop and json 
Name and format, nothing else.

I have played a bit with pythons json module using kdevpatchreview.json and 
the following workflow might be possible:
* Find all *json in a repo
* generate a template json_reponame.pot with all translatable strings from all 
json files in the repo (msgid=string, msgctxt=dictkeyofstring+jsonfilename to 
get unique translations per file or similar) 
* translators translate these json_reponame.pos and Scripty merges the 
translation back in to the *.json in the repos similar to merging back 
translations of xml mimetype translations.

Burkhard Lück

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