other_stuff.h | [was: Review Request for KDecoration]

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 14:14:52 GMT 2014


"maximal available" -> "maximal possible"
"borderingScreenEdges" -> "adjacentScreenEdges" or "touchedScreenEdges"

additional request:
void monitorProperty(const QString &prop, bool onoff);
signals: void propertyChanged(const QString &prop, const QVariant &data);
(this allows further client/deco communication w/o having to know the backend or -eeewww- hook into the native eventfilter of KWin)

decorationdefines.h, decorationsettings.h
"BorderSize" - do we *really* want to keep this or rather allow pixel/pointwise configuration of 2,3, or 4 border sizes globally?

nitpick: update() is overloaded explicitly while it's implicit in Decoration

QSize topLeft() etc. etc.:
a) shadow->topLeft() does not sound like a size
b) the entire information (9 tiles) can also be provided by two rects (innerRect, outerRect)
c) with a conv. func. sectionRect(Qt::WindowFrameSection), but I think those geometries actually only need to be calculated by the core?
d) providing inner and outer rect may be "more safe", assuming that overlapping shadow sections are not desired? (atm. I cannot think of a variant that would cause anything but artifacts and we can easily check whether inner is really inside outer when setting them, evtl. combined?)


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