Review Request 118091: Changed formatting to fit the KDE Coding Standard

Uzair Shamim alanbortu at
Mon May 12 02:36:24 BST 2014

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Review request for KDE Base Apps.

Repository: ksnapshot


Certain parts of the code did not follow the kde code guideline and while I know it is not mandatory to follow the guide lines, but I felt I should fix it. There were certain parts I was unsure about so I left them as they were. Most of the changes are just with brace placement.

KDE Coding Standard:


  kbackgroundsnapshot.cpp 9d81ba1 
  kipiimagecollectionselector.h 10afedc 
  kipiimagecollectionselector.cpp 5fe09d8 
  kipiinterface.h 1c18039 
  ksnapshot.cpp 0d8e996 
  ksnapshotimagecollectionshared.cpp 8ef1b0e 
  ksnapshotinfoshared.cpp 0e0d840 
  ksnapshotobject.cpp 608f7dc 
  ksnapshotpreview.cpp db4fd10 
  main.cpp 4b4f097 
  regiongrabber.cpp fb038a3 
  snapshottimer.cpp 843f06d 
  windowgrabber.cpp 21a9531 



Compiles fine, seems to take screenshots just like before. As I said, 99% of the changes are just brace placement.


Uzair Shamim

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