Pushing AppStream upstream metadata to KDE repositories...?

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Sat May 10 18:12:18 BST 2014

Matthias Klumpp ha scritto:
> Therefore, I would like to ask for feedback on the following proposal:
>  * We announce the availability of the new metadata somewhere, so that
> the individual maintainers know that the data is coming, and that they
> may want to take a look at it when it landed in their Git master
> branch.
>  * I simply go ahead and commit the files to the respective repos.
> Since it's just data, it shouldn't break anything.
>  * Others adjust the initially commited files as they wish. There is a
> quick reference at [2], for those who want to add more data or change
> something.
>  * I'll help with any questions regarding that, of course ;-) - if
> someone doesn't want this, the project can simply opt-out before, or
> revert the commit (but I don't see any reason for doing that, unless
> if someone doesn't want the application to be found ^^).

So, I'm just one of the many contributors, but I would say that you can start
with step1 (publish the sample files somewhere).

> Would something like that be okay?
> And: What is the license of texts about applications published on
> KDE.org? Can I simply use a permissive license like CC0 (needed in
> order to mix the texts in the distribution later) for them, or is
> there an explicit license specified somewhere? (I wasn't able to find
> information about that)

> P.S: As a more general question: What makes a KDE project? Do we have
> some guidelines for all projects which they have to follow in order to
> be under the KDE umbrella, or are we more like a Github for Qt
> projects nowadays?
> In case there are guidelines, we might want to add "has AppStream
> metadata" to them in future (when more projects have that data).
Everything hosted on kde.org is a KDE project. More generally, a KDE project
is a project which adheres to:


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