Review Request 113969: Do not assume every items have the same height

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Thu May 8 23:45:21 BST 2014

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Review request for kdelibs, David Faure, Rafael Fernández López, and Michael Pyne.

Bugs: 309780

Repository: kdelibs


1. the offset addjust in `KCategorizedView::indexAt` was a no-op (it operates on a temporary variable and is not needed).
2. KCategorizedView::indexAt (effectively) assumes all items has the same height when doing bsearch and therefore failed to handle some cases when the text takes multiple lines as shown in the bug report.

This patch removes the no-op and add special check for items in the same row on the left (or on the right for RightToLeft layout) in order to determine which way the bsearch should go.


  kdeui/itemviews/kcategorizedview.cpp be811aa 



Compiles and fixes the problem.
Tested with systemsettings in the following conditions:
1. single row in each category.
2. multiple rows in each category.
3. scrollbar not at the top.


Yichao Yu

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