KDE Frameworks Release Cycle

Joseph Crowell joseph.w.crowell at gmail.com
Sun May 4 23:19:19 BST 2014

0.0.1 version releases seem to work pretty well for Qt and are released 
as necessary iiuc.

On 5/5/2014 2:36 AM, David Faure wrote:
> [Cross posting against my will...]
> On Sunday 04 May 2014 16:27:44 Luigi Toscano wrote:
>> I understand that the big concern was about the testing: stable branches did
>> not receive the same attention
> This is not the main concern.
> My main concern is that application developers prefer to work around bugs in
> KF5 (previously: kdelibs) rather than fix things at the right level, because
> "fixes in KF5 will only be available in 6 months, and I want the bug fixed
> now".
> Your suggestion (6-months "stable" release) brings us back to exactly that.
> We'd like to try something better. Monthly small increments.
> Never "big" changes that break things, they get cut into small increments too.
> So no reason to buffer changes for 6 months.

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