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On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 1:24 PM, Àlex Fiestas <afiestas at> wrote:

> Hi there
> It was requested by the maintainers of some of the projects that live in
> the
> kde-workspace repo that they would love to keep the whole history after the
> split. Doing such thing is easy for projects that have not been moved
> (kwin,
> powerdevil) but otherwise it requires git-fu that we clearly lack.
> The following folders (to be split) are the ones that need to be split
> keeping
> all the history and where a simple git filter-branch won't cut it:
> plasma-workspace
> plasma-desktop
> oxygen
> libksysguard
> So we need help to split those while keeping the whole history. Could you
> lend
> us a hand?
> Alternatively we could use grafts like we have done with frameworks.
> Cheers.

I've been looking into the issue with Nicolás (aka PovAddict) and we
managed to figure out all repositories history except for plasma-workspace
and plasma-desktop. The problem was that not only they were moved now, but
they were moved back in the day from kde-base when kde-workspace was
created. It seems like something possible to solve but it didn't look like
something that would pay off, so I decided to graft those. If somebody has
great problems, I'd suggest to use the occasion and suggest a sane solution
before we all start working on it, otherwise I think that grafts are a good
solution (you can use the time I'm sending this e-mail as a proof we tried

Other than that, the rest of repositories have been pushed with full
history (AFAIK) and it seems to work well. If there's any left-over issue,
there will "always" be the kde-workspace repository for reference.

I just pushed as well changes in the dependency-data-kf5-qt5 file so that
when one tries to compile "plasma-desktop" gets the correct dependencies;
note that you shouldn't be building kde-workspace anymore. It worked on my
system, I hope it will work on most systems.

I hope this doesn't distort your workflow too much and that we can soon
start to take advantage of the new, leaner, organization of the project.

Good night!
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