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Thomas Fischer fischer at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
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KBibTeX is a BibTeX editor to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX.

After being under development for nearly 10 years, KBibTeX moved a
few months ago from its previous hosting platform Gna! to KDE's
playground. Being a mature project already when entering the
playground, it may be time to continue. Therefore, I would like to
ask you to review KBibTeX and approve a move to extragear.

The Policies/Application Lifecycle documentation states some
requirements for be reached before being allowed to proceed.
1. User documentation: initial documentation has been provided by
Yuri Chornoivan and Burkhard Lück, located in master and will be
part of future 0.6 releases
2. Developer documentation: due to organic growth, the level of
documentation in the source code varies strongly.
3. Most Krazy issues have been addressed, a few border cases are left.
4. No usability review has been done, but normal users' feedback on
usability has been considered previously.
5. Intel's profiler has been used in the past and Valgrind is still
used from time to time (not a profiler per se, but still got to
improve code quality). Hot spots exist, but those appear only in
border cases, e.g. when a bibliography entry has 300 authors.
6. KBibTeX used ki18n(...) and alike from the beginning.
Translations of configuration file strings has been added after the
code moved to playground.

The project's current location in KDE Review is:

General information on KBibTeX can be retrieved from its old homepage:

Looking forward to your feedback,

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