Review Request 108808: Do not reset opacity if call for GetWindowProperty fails

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Tue Mar 18 15:28:39 GMT 2014

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(Updated March 18, 2014, 4:28 p.m.)


This change has been discarded.

Review request for kdelibs and kwin.

Repository: kdelibs


Do not reset opacity if call for GetWindowProperty fails

The opacity got unconditionally reset to the default value of fully
opaque. In case the property has a value of 0 and the call to get the
window property fails, the window would be shown again. This issue was
spotted with colibri which faded out it's window and got a flash to
fully opaque again.

I'm sorry that it's difficult to read this patch properly due to the
existing mixing of tabs and whitespaces. The patch changes two things:
* only updates the value if all checks succeed
* initialise the data_ret variable to not cause a crash on free

BUG: 314427
FIXED-IN: 4.10.1


  kdeui/windowmanagement/netwm.cpp cf28339f90dff1d17ed17842c7c11d8a9718a459 




Martin Gräßlin

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