Is kpovmodeler still valid or should it be removed

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Mar 10 21:54:50 GMT 2014

El Dilluns, 10 de març de 2014, a les 12:36:59, Burkhard Lück va escriure:
> Am Samstag, 8. März 2014, 22:11:11 schrieb Freek de Kruijf:
> > One of our translators mentioned kpovmodeler in extragear-graphics. It
> > seems this package still requires KDE3 stuff and the last development has
> > been done 5 years ago. It also is hardly usable anymore because it calls
> > an external program, povray, which apparently needs another set of
> > parameters to function properly.
> You are right kpovmodeler development in kde svn seems to be dead and it
> does not build here, but there is apparently some development outside kde
> repos, see
> According to the forum thread there are still users who would like to work
> with kpovmodeler.

Well, if they want to work with kpovmodeler, someone should contact the guy 
that is working on it and tell him to come over and work with us :-)

> > Hence my question: should it be moved to unmaintained?
> extragear/graphics has more candidates for this question:
> kuickshow:
> no development since > 4 years
> needs an old no longer available library imlib1 to build
> no deb packages provided
> kgrab
> no development since many years
> builds and works for me, but apparently it has minor functionality compared
> to ksnapshot, so I fail to see a need for this application
> kfax
> no development since many years
> builds and works for me with the example fax in the code
> no deb packages provided
> Are there still any users of this application?
> My conclusion:
> applications which can not be build since a long time should not be in
> extragear, therefore kuickshow should go to unmaintained and kpovmodeler tp
> playground, if some wants to develop it otherwise to unmaintained as well
> kgrab should go to unmaintained
> I am not sure what to do with kfax

We have the application lifecycle document over in techbase that describes 
this kind of stuff, it's just that noone is janitoring the process so that it 
actually happens. Do you want to do it?


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