Review Request 116117: Place new panels to bottom by default

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Sat Mar 1 12:03:53 GMT 2014

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Review request for kde-workspace, Plasma, Aaron J. Seigo, Marco Martin, and Sebastian K├╝gler.

Repository: kde-workspace


When adding a new empty panel, it's placed at top by default, but it should be placed to bottom, when it's possible. Also when adding a new "Default Panel" to second screen without any panel and you already have one on your first screen, then it's also placed to top instead of bottom. This is just a simple fix, which changes order of checking free edges for empty panels and adds a check for screenId when executing a script for default panel layout. I'm not much sure with the javascript part, but it works.


  plasma/desktop/shell/data/layouts/org.kde.plasma-desktop.defaultPanel/contents/layout.js 47f635c 
  plasma/desktop/shell/desktopcorona.cpp d3635d9 




Jan Grulich

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