Kronometer now in KDE Review

David Faure faure at
Wed Jun 18 17:50:12 BST 2014

On Wednesday 18 June 2014 16:27:43 Elvis Angelaccio wrote:
> Hello,
> in the last two months this thread has not been updated, so I assume that
> the Kronometer UI is ok.
> What is still not clear is whether to move Kronometer in extragear-utils or
> kdeutils and until this decision is not reached I can't file a sysadmin
> request to exit from kdereview.
> At the moment, in this thread there is one "vote" for extragear-utils by
> Albert and one for kdeutils by David.
> There is another thread in kde-utils-devel list where there is another vote
> for extragear-utils:

I don't mind either way, it makes very little difference in the end
("sudo zypper install kronometer", done)

In fact the real question is what do *you* want: do you want it released 
automatically as part of the KDE SC, or do you want to make your own releases
(more work for you, but you control when it's released).

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