KDE Applications December 2014 release: which apps are targeting Qt4/Qt5?

Frank Reininghaus frank78ac at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 21 12:26:32 BST 2014

Hello everyone,

after KDE SC 4.14, the next release of the KDE applications that are
part of the KDE SC is planned for December. It will contain not only
applications that are still based on Qt4+kdelibs 4.x, but also
applications that have the first stable release of their Qt5+KF5 ports
[1]. All application developers/maintainers can decide if they want to
release another Qt4+kdelibs 4.x-based version, or if they want to
release their first Qt5+KF5-based version.

I think it would be helpful if there was a central site where
information about the choices that developers have taken so far is
collected, i.e., a place where everyone can look up quickly if
application XYZ will have a Qt4-based or a Qt5-based release, or if it
is still in the "not decided yet" state. One of the reasons why I
consider such a thing useful is that quite a few applications have
runtime dependencies that are provided other applications. For

* Many applications have an embedded terminal, which is provided by
the Konsole KPart. If Konsole does not release a Qt5-based version in
December, then any application which does will not have an embedded
terminal any more.

* All of Konqueror's functionality is provided by KParts that are
provided by libraries and applications and that are loaded at runtime.
If some of these KParts will not have a Qt5-based release, then the
functionality of a Qt5-based Konqueror would be severely limited.

There are probably many more (and less obvious) examples of such
run-time dependencies. Releasing these Qt5-based applications without
their runtime dependencies will result in feature loss, and I'm afraid
that this might lead to some users, who will probably expect a smooth
transition to Qt5+KF5 because they can read everywhere that the port
should be much simpler than the Qt3->Qt4 transition was (except for
projects which take the opportunity to make some other architectural
changes at the same time, such as Plasma) and the media saying "It's
the old KDE 4.0 story again". I think that we should try to prevent
that, and I believe that a central site where everyone can look up the
release plans of all applications would be helpful.

I've created a draft of a wiki page where this information could be collected at


What do you think about this idea? If there is agreement that my idea
makes sense, I would move this page to a suitable place (maybe
?) and send a message to k-c-d and kde-devel, asking all
maintainers/core developers to fill in any relevant information that
they already have.

Suggestions for improving the page are also welcome, of course. If you
see a typo or another obvious thing that needs fixing, just edit the
page directly.

Thanks and best regards,

[1] See, e.g., http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/release-team/2014-July/007932.html

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