Moving Baloo forward

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Mon Jan 27 19:24:34 GMT 2014

On Freitag, 24. Januar 2014 12:59:12 CEST, Vadim Zhukov wrote:
> It's doubtful at least whether xattr support is a good thing, because
> it's too easily gets misused: for example, there were viruses on
> Windows which effectively hidden themselves in NTFS streams.

"It's doubtful at least whether using Windows is a good thing, because it's full of viruses."
...That's seriously no argument - viruses can "hide" themselve everywhere.

> And there are personal data leaking issues I've pointed out earlier.
You're right in that at least kio/dolphin should be xattr aware and present you attributes and ask what to do on effectively copying them.
However, *many* files leak private data, carried in their own metadata formats. The "problem" is simply extended to ASCII, but otoh, that metadata is at least standardized.

> The worst case is Nepomuk becoming a crashy resource hog again
Playing that game on, the worst case would be if your computer overheats, explodes, kills you and your family and burns down your house which will lead to burning down the entire city what will feed global warming to exterminate mankind. Therefore humans cannot develop a way to protect the galaxy from a mega black hole that ultimately sucks away the entire universe.

So better stick with the topic of best/worst case scenario of utilizing xattrs where some basically dead code is indeed the worst case - certainly not the best.


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