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Mon Jan 20 17:43:43 GMT 2014

Hi Vishesh,

2014/1/17 Vishesh Handa <me at>

> Could someone please prooof read this page and let me know where it can be
> improved?
I experimented a bit with Conquirere and its possible port to a sql like
While it is possible, it means I need to change a lot (depended solely on
Nepomuk for this one)

At the end, without Nepomuk, Conquirere is just KBibTeX which is part of
KDE too.
Thus I would rather see KBibTeX expanded to "pdf/project" like behavior
rather than putting a lot of effort into copying something that exists, is
well testen and widly used already.

The Webminer will be ported though, as it can be simply used without
nepomuk if applications just want to fetch data and save the data in their
own database.
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