Moving Baloo and Baloo-widgets into KDE SC

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Fri Jan 17 10:54:06 GMT 2014

Am Freitag, 10. Januar 2014, 11.28:34 schrieb Sebastian K├╝gler:
> Hey,

Morning sebas and Co

Here finally my answer to this thread.


> > - Digikam (gets new Nepomuk with 4.0.0 due in May or so. Will it work)?
> Maybe this feature is worth delaying then?

Is anybody of the Digikam team reading this? Or should somebody contact them? 
Please speak.

> > - Dolphin
> > - Gwenview
> > - Conquiere
> > - KPhotoalbum
> > - Kamoso (seems so be ready in time)
> > - Kdenlive (out of the most popular KDE apps, with some man power
> > problems atm, ok, but nonetheless)
> > - Nepomuk-webminer and Nepomuktvnamer
> Let me point out the obvious here: We can discuss possible quality problems
> for a few more weeks, *OR* we use the time to actually test the code on a
> wider range of systems. This way we wouldn't have to guess so much about
> possible impact to other apps, and we can judge much better how ready Baloo
> is.

Sometimes pointing out the obvious is not bad ;-). Of course you're right. I 
just had the subjective impression that it's holding back. Which changed (at 
least my perception of it) which is great.

> Don't see Baloo as a third party service that someone else has to fix and
> debug, rather get on the train, test it, report your experience and make it
> possible to get it solidly working.


[snip: Plasma Active]

> > So in conclusion I think that a change of Nepomuk to Baloo in 4.x without
> > a 100% (very very well tested!) migration plan and testing is a no-go
> > (from my side, just me). I've the strong feeling that such big changes
> > are for something like kf5 and a port of the apps to kf5.
> I'm not strictly against this. Actually, we have some lenience with the
> long term support workspace out, so we can recommend people to use that,
> if they're slightly more adventurous, run 4.13, if they are completely
> mad, help us getting Plasma 2 in shape. That's quite a nice array of
> options. Communicated in the right way to our downstreams, this helps us
> to avoid problems.

This I don't get as it speaks against all I told people about all our three 
different releases (apps, workspaces and platform). But I think this may be a 

So my conclusion. Let's do it asap and know and see the effects and get as 
many testers as possible so that we can release 4.13 with a great Nepomuk 
replacement or better evolution of Nepomuk.


PS: About Jan's question if there are more applications that share 
KPhotoAlbum's slight use of Nepomuk. TBH I don't know.

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