KDE Review - Moving Artikulate to KDE Edu

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue Jan 14 18:52:57 GMT 2014

El Dimarts, 14 de gener de 2014, a les 09:18:10, Andreas Cord-Landwehr va 
> Hi,
> > I think you should work on getting kqmlgraphplugin released first,
> > depending on something unreleased scares me a bit.
> Just talked to Sebastian (maintainer of the plugin) and he will do a
> technical preview release of the plugin soon. BTW this code already exists
> in KTouch for quite some time and now is only split into a self-contained
> plugin.
> > After compiling and installing kqmlgraphplugin and artikulate i got
> > 
> > artikulate(10361) LearnerProfile::Storage::database: Database path:
> > "/home/kdeunstable/.kde/share/apps/artikulate/learnerdata.db"
> > artikulate(10361)
> > LearnerProfile::ProfileManagerPrivate::ProfileManagerPrivate: No last
> > active profile found, falling back to first found profile
> > artikulate(10361): There is no subdirectory "skeletons" in directory  "."
> > cannot load skeletons.
> > artikulate(10361): There is no subdirectory "courses" in directory  "."
> > cannot load courses.
> > 
> > When running it and no window at all.
> As discussed on IRC, the program starts now (was access problem to the sound
> card making Phonon to wait infinitely.)
> Are the course downloads working now or do you still have a problem with the
> KNS dialog? (if not, we should move that discussion to a bug report
> probably)

Yeah my system is a bit broken, i'll try to test it again today or tomorrow 
and will come back with more info.

Sorry for the noise!


> Greetings,
> Andreas

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