Moving Baloo and Baloo-widgets into KDE SC

Vishesh Handa me at
Fri Jan 10 10:52:58 GMT 2014

On Friday 10 Jan 2014 11:02:22 Mario Fux KDE ML wrote:
> IIRC it's still not clear for all the current Nepomuk apps if they work
> after 4.13. Let's try to list them again.
> - Amarok (got Nepomuk support with 2.7, will it work after 4.13?

No. It will not. There is no way this can be ported. It will need to be 
dropped and rewritten. However, given that Amarok still works perfectly 
without it, It's not going to break anything.

> - Digikam (gets new Nepomuk with 4.0.0 due in May or so. Will it work)?

No. I should probably talk to the Digikam guys.

> - Dolphin

Ported. See feature/baloo branch in kde-baseapps.

> - Gwenview

Will be ported.

> - Conquiere

Not going to be ported. Will require massive changes. The maintainer Jorg was 
contacted before the Baloo announcement, and he's happy to move away from 
Nepomuk to something else.

> - KPhotoalbum

Can't say.

> - Kamoso (seems so be ready in time)

I think Alex and Aleix can make sure this is ported.

> - Kdenlive (out of the most popular KDE apps, with some man power problems
> atm, ok, but nonetheless

Can't say. They are probably just using tags.

> - Nepomuk-webminer and Nepomuktvnamer

WebMiner and Conquiere have been both done by the same awesome guy - Jorg. His 
architecture will allow him to easily move away from Nepomuk. Though we still 
have to talk on how we're going to integrate it will Baloo (and if it is 

> - Plasma Active/Plasma mobile with Share-Like-Connect

They can continue to ship Nepomuk, and make sure it is enabled.

> And another question. Will people who used Nepomuk extensively lose data? I
> know that Nepomuk was one of the most hated software, but there were and are
> people who like(d) and love(d) it.

No. They will not loose data.

> So in conclusion I think that a change of Nepomuk to Baloo in 4.x without a
> 100% (very very well tested!) migration plan and testing is a no-go (from my
> side, just me). I've the strong feeling that such big changes are for
> something like kf5 and a port of the apps to kf5.

Then lets merge Baloo ASAP and get started with testing. Currently, it's just 
me and a hand full of others. If required we can sit and write testing guides, 
coordinate with the quality team, run blog posts asking for testers, etc. But 
that won't happen untill Baloo moves to SC because in order to test Baloo you 
need to test applications that use Baloo.

Vishesh Handa

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