Moving Baloo and Baloo-widgets into KDE SC

Àlex Fiestas afiestas at
Thu Jan 9 22:26:01 GMT 2014

On Thursday 09 January 2014 21:52:52 Christoph Feck wrote:
> But if the above scenario does not work, we should probably not
> introduce Baloo for KDE SC 4.x.

I have to disagree here.

We can't keep playing this conservative when we have things that are in the 
Nepomuk situation. If it is the most hated piece of software we have is not by 

If the breakage is minimal (which I know it is, but I will let vHanda reply to 
that) I vote to replace it even if we make a bit worse the experience using 
some weird application that nobody has heard of.

Ps: Some distros even disable Nepomuk by default... Really with this we are 
going to annoying almost nobody.

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