KDE Frameworks: Moving toward 5.0 final and Governance

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Wed Jan 8 09:55:11 GMT 2014

On 7 January 2014 23:30, Michal Humpula <michal.humpula at seznam.cz> wrote:

> If I may post a little input here. I've implemented print preview in kate
> (KF5) with QPrintPreviewDialog, mainly for the reasons mentioned above. But
> what I'm missing is ability to add custom configuration tabs as in
> KdePrint::createPrintDialog. Though KPrintPreview doesn't seems to support
> them either:-)

Yeap, neither allows on-the-fly use of the custom tabs in the preview,
which is a short-coming, but QPrintPreviewDialog at least gives the
possibility of doing so in future with a dynamic update of the
preview, KPrintPreview really doesn't support such a work flow.  The
other issue is anyone clicking on the print dialog button in the menu
of QPrintPreviewDialog gets a dialog without any custom tabs either,
which was one reason for not using it before when we added our extra
stuff. It should be easy enough for me to add Qt api to allow you to
set them and have the preview pass them through to the dialog, but I'm
not sure how I'd show the widgets in the preview itself.  Perhaps a
button to pop them up?  Something to think about anyway.


P.S. Not forgetting that the app widgets are not cross-platform, they
don't work on Windows or Mac, but that's on my feature plan for
5.4/5.5 time-frame.

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