KDE Frameworks: Moving toward 5.0 final and Governance

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Tue Jan 7 22:30:28 GMT 2014

On 7 January 2014 19:49, Kevin Ottens <ervin at kde.org> wrote:

>> Most of the
>> dialog code from there has been merged into Qt5.2, or is planned for
>> Qt 5.3, so needs deleting.  I'm also wondering if we still need our
>> own KPrintPreview dialog, there was a reason in 4.0 but I can't
>> remember why now and I'm not sure it is still valid.  Alex Merry might
>> remember, was it because QPrintPreview wasn't available at the time?
>> We may not end up with much left here :-)
> Well, the initial plan was to not have KPrintUtils at all. It's here mainly
> because of timing issues because the necessary upstream work to get everything
> to disappear in KPrintUtils wasn't done in time for Qt 5.2.

Running through the print dialog features, I'm don't think there is
anything left to be upstreamed.  There's a couple of very minor CUPS
features in the dialog that I don't think anyone uses (mirror page,
page border, page label) that I don't really want in Qt, but can add
if anyone really makes a fuss.  If we decide to replace KPrintPreview
with QPrintPreviewDialog then we're just left with the convenience api
to create a QPrintDialog that won't actually add anything extra.  That
could be still worth keeping for a couple of reasons, but it could
then move to KGuiAddons.  The main reason to keep it is
future-proofing if we need to add common widgets or extra checks
again, in particular I think it may be the only way to do
color-managed printing until Qt adds proper support in QtGui.

>> If the original author Petri Damstén doesn't step up, I could take on
>> KUnitConversion, seeing as I'm partly familiar with the code.
> Then put your name in front with a note for Petri to kick you off if he shows
> up. :-)
> I don't think we've been in touch with him yet.

Done :-)


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