KDE Frameworks: Moving toward 5.0 final and Governance

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at kde.org
Tue Jan 7 14:39:18 GMT 2014

Le mardi 7 janvier 2014 11:36:34 Alex Merry a écrit :
> On 06/01/14 06:52, Kevin Ottens wrote:
> > I used to say that the maintenance model of kdelibs was "David Faure by
> > default". It's great to have someone like David around, but at the same
> > time it's delusional and dangerous to think that he'll always be able to
> > save the day. This model has to stop now. And hopefully having smaller
> > packages will help people to feel responsible for their modules.
> > 
> > The current list of modules is there:
> > http://community.kde.org/Frameworks/List
> Having done some work on kimageformats and kmediaplayer, I would be
> comfortable maintaining those.  Possibly also kapidox, as good apidox is
> something I care strongly about (although I'm not yet particularly
> familiar with the codebase in that module).

I am also interested in kapidox, for the same reasons (and also because I want 
to integrate kf5dot in it).


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