Review Request 114715: Attempt to fix KZoneAllocator issue

Kevin Funk krf at
Fri Jan 3 17:52:37 GMT 2014

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(Updated Jan. 3, 2014, 5:52 p.m.)

Review request for kdelibs and Frank Reininghaus.

Bugs: 327599

Repository: kdelibs


Attempt to fix KZoneAllocator issue

kcompletion.p_h: Make the static KZoneAllocator member of KCompTreeNode
a shared pointer so external users can hold a reference to it.

kcompletion.cpp: Hold a reference to KCompTreeNode's KZoneAllocator
instance so we avoid deleting the KZoneAllocator too early. See attached
bug report for possible causes. (Hint: It crashes on Windows because
~KZoneAllocator is called to early.)

kallocator.cpp: Use printf instead of qDebug(), because this code path
code might be called very late during destruction and qDebug() will
crash deep inside Qt.

Also see discussion:

BUG: 327599
CCBUG: 243375


  kdecore/util/kallocator.cpp 8b21120c62c513ea41686fe8185ec2808fe5d83a 
  kdeui/util/kcompletion.cpp 340aa92b900d670e2ad73f70a63d5221d0feed1d 
  kdeui/util/kcompletion_p.h 1cf31db3f16fe3421415cd54265eee20bb998710 




Kevin Funk

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