KDE Review: Move LabPlot to extragear.

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at web.de
Fri Feb 14 07:49:29 GMT 2014


> 1. The recommended mailing list is sourceforge - Do you want to move to KDE?
> I'm not sure if this is required by the manifesto or not. We do enforce the
> usage of "kde-infrastructure"
We're still in the process of migrating and adjusting everything to the kde-
infrastructure. I changed the mailing list in README to point to kde-edu. The 
homepage and the download area for the tarballs still point to sourceforge, 

> 2. AUTHORS - Do you really need to obfuscate the email addresses? Anyone can
> easily fetch them from the copyright headers or git logs.
Emails in the copyright headers are also obfuscated. I changed AUTHORS and 
I'll adjust the headers at some point in order to get krazy silent about these 

> 3. You're using qt4_wrap_cpp in your CMakeLists.txt, how about using
> automoc? You can do that auto-magically by including kde4 defaults in your
> CMakeLists -
> include(KDE4Defaults)
This doesn't help me to get moc running for classes that are defined in 
headers only. qt4_wrap_cpp is only used for this case. Do you know how to 
handle this case without qt4_wrap_cpp?

> 4. kdefrontend/History.h -> It has a class Project; declaration before the
> include file. Was this intentional?
No, that's clearly a weird place to put the forward declaration :-)
I fixed it.

> 5. You're calling kde4_update_iconcache() in the src/CMakeLists.txt file,
> not the icons/CMakeLists.txt file? Both options work out fine.
I moved kde4_update_iconcache() to icons/CMakeLists.txt.

> 6. You have an admin/README.svn file. Perhaps that is now out of date?
Yes, this can go away now.

> Also, whoa! That's a lot of code. I'll look more into the actual code later.
Take your time.


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