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Milian Wolff mail at
Tue Dec 23 16:45:23 GMT 2014

On Wednesday 24 December 2014 00:04:22 Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> As the other thread has gotten a bit congested with various threads, I
> thought I would split up the topics to make things a bit easier to
> manage.
> The first seems the least contentious: allowing all developers to
> delete branches on our mainline repositories, except for certain
> protected branches (like "master" and "KDE/*" for instance).
> Any suggestions or variations on this?
> Note: the protected branches really do need to be universal across all
> repositories to be effective - otherwise the effort required to add
> the protection will introduce an extremely high maintenance burden.
> I'll also add that there is never a risk of work being lost courtesy
> of the backup refs. The hooks automatically create these refs
> (including the unix time of the event) whenever a destructive event is
> made to a ref. The hooks will also explicitly prohibit any attempt to
> alter the backup refs - they're read only and untouchable.
> These can be manually fetched using "git fetch" if necessary to
> restore a branch which is mistakenly deleted.

+1 to all of the above. What about tags btw? In KDevelop e.g. it would only be 
a nuisance if someone would delete one of our "stable" branches, but deleting 
one of the release tags would be ugly as I'd then need to figure out what 
commit was chosen for what release.

Bye and thanks for your continuous work Ben, much appreciated! Take care.
Milian Wolff
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