New framework to review: KPackage

Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Dec 22 14:33:25 GMT 2014

On Wednesday 10 December 2014, David Edmundson wrote:
> ‚ÄčThe binary is called kpackagetool. Given the complications we've had with
> frameworks co-installability does it make sense to call it kpackagetool5?
> The class name in kpackagetool/kpackagetool.cpp should probably be renamed
> Documentation at the top of PackageLoader should avoid saying Plasma quite
> so much


> commented line at 773 of package.cpp looks concerning. I think it is just
> dead code.

yep, a signal that used to exist in plasma1, removed

> Installation command of plasmoids.knsrc are wrong (in fact they're wrong
> for current plasmapkg)
> Should kpackage even be providing this file? I think it should be with the
> plasmoid definition.

agree, shouldn't be there: removed.

> IMHO PackageJob probably shouldn't set a parent to the packagestructure.
> Otherwise if you create a PackageStructure on the stack then call
> install/uninstall it will delete the job before it's finished.

should be safe to don't have any parent since kjobs shuold delete themselves 
iirc? (changed to that)

>  There's a Qt5 TODO on PackageJobThread::removeFolder

changed to just use QDir::removeRecursively()

Marco Martin

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