Fwd: Re: [Kde-pim] Problems with infrastructure

Jan Kundr√°t jkt at kde.org
Mon Dec 15 10:09:24 GMT 2014

On Monday, 15 December 2014 07:34:24 CEST, Luca Beltrame wrote:
> - Apache Allura
> https://allura.apache.org/

That is said to support pull requests, but I wasn't able to find an example 
of that in their website. Got one?

Also, loading a list of commits took tens of second at the time I tried it 

> - Rhodecode
> http://rhodecode.com
> This is the one we choosed, and is indeed very powerfull, the only part is
> that company behind it closed the source, but a fully open source fork is
> been done
> https://kallithea-scm.org/

The documentation again says that it supports pull requests, and I was able 
to find two of them in total in their repos. I don't think that it's a 
particularly well-tested feature, then. One was from June, the other from 
October 2014.


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