[Kde-pim] Problems with infrastructure

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat Dec 13 17:13:41 GMT 2014

El Dissabte, 13 de desembre de 2014, a les 13:46:24, Jan Kundrát va escriure:
> On Friday, 12 December 2014 22:44:39 CEST, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> >> That's very different from saying "whole KDE should just
> >> switch to Gerrit", and I'm not proposing that. Some people have made
> >> themselves clear that no change is going to happen, and I can live with
> >> that.
> > 
> > Where was that discussed? Which people is that?
> (Removing PIM from the list, because I don't see this as a PIM matter.)
> That was the impression which I got from the #kde-devel IRC channel and the
> kde-core-devel ML right after that frameworks BoF during Akademy. When
> re-reading the threads and the IRC logs today, I no longer have the
> impression that there was a clear, absolute and strict "no", but there was
> nonetheless IMHO quite a strong resistance to using something "as horrific
> as Gerrit". That might explain why I think that there will be a subset of
> people who won't be fine with any change, and because I respect their
> opinion, I don't want to force such a change upon them.

As i said there is value in uniformity of the tooling, I like to think we're 
all reasonable people and understand that if the majority thinks it's a better 
tool, it makes sense to move to that tool. That's what happened with git.

And if after evaluating it, it doesn't make sense, we don't. That's what 
happened with gitlab.

Now to me it seems that you're basically saying "you" do what you want, i'll 
keep using "my" stuff. Which i find sad since it's creating artificial 
barriers between "you" and "my" :/

It also puts the discussion about a possible switch to gerrit in a weird 
situaion since we either all switch and have uniformity or we don't and then 
we end up with reviewborad+gerrit :/

> So, basically, from my point of view -- the tools are here, the CI is done.
> That CI bits in particular make the workflow much more appealing to me. Now
> it's up to the KDE developers to come to a decision whether they want that
> or not.

Maybe you could start a thread explaining why gerrit is better than 
reviewboard nd why should we switch to it?


> With kind regards,
> Jan

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