[Kde-pim] Problems with infrastructure

Jan Kundr√°t jkt at kde.org
Fri Dec 12 00:16:14 GMT 2014

On Thursday, 11 December 2014 23:20:59 CEST, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> You need to understand understand though that changing patch 
> review systems is 
> not your decision to take (nor mine), we need to have a general 
> agreement/consensus when changing systems as important.

Changing systems is not what I propose, though. What I'm arguing for is 
empowering the individual projects to be able to choose tools which work 
well for them. That's very different from saying "whole KDE should just 
switch to Gerrit", and I'm not proposing that. Some people have made 
themselves clear that no change is going to happen, and I can live with 

I do happen to think that yes, switching to Gerrit would in fact indeed be 
a good move for KDE as a whole, but sharing a view is something else than 
making people change their systems. If you like RB and you're a project 
maintainer, sure, by all means do use it for your projects -- I'm not going 
to force you to switch for the sake of my pleasure or something similar.

I also admit that I would probably feel a little bit sad if Trojita ended 
up to be the only project which sticked with Gerrit, but if that was the 
general consensus of the community, who am I to dispute the wishes of 
poeple doing the actual work?

I'm sorry if the impression which I managed to create by pointing out what 
I perceive to be strong points of Gerrit and weak points of the 
alternatives was something different.

With kind regards,

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