Review Request for KDecoration

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Thu Dec 11 12:15:55 GMT 2014

On Thursday 11 December 2014 00:05:52 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El Dimecres, 10 de desembre de 2014, a les 15:44:02, Thomas Lübking va
> escriure:
> > On Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014 13:11:07 CEST, Christoph Feck wrote:
> > > Every interactive on-screen element must have a text, either as a
> > > label, or as a tooltip. This is a simple accessibility requirement.
> > 
> > Does this imply a formal representation (eg. to be accessed as object
> > property from some screen reader etc.) or just "please provide some text
> > somewhere, at least optionally"?
> I'll go for both.
> > Basically the KWin core can not really control what the client does (as
> > usage of DecorationButton is not mandatory) and one could eg. replace the
> > titlebar label w/ the action description rather than adding a tooltip.
> Sure, you can't control the client, but if you provide a nice class and the
> example uses it, everybody will copy&paste from it and we'll be all happy :)

Thanks for the feedback, I just sat down and implemented it (and cursed a lot 
about the strong QWidget usage of QToolTip).

Review requests:
* kdecoration:
* kwin:

@Albert: this will move the messages to kwin. Is there anything I need to do 
to easy the process for translators?

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