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> ** I find githubs webinterface prettier and more useful. I actually use it
> sometimes, and I never use or If you're

Most of people working on KDE infrastructre are aware of the limits of 
Redmine/Chiliproject (the RoR software used by projects.ko): GitLab was 
evaluated as an alternative, and deemed as unfit (performance reasons, 
security, the fact that some features are not available unless you shell out 
cash, etc.). 

I'm currently monitoring Gogs ( as a possible alternative (I 
run it for my own little projects), but there's still quite a lot of work 
needed before it could be acceptable for KDE's needs (I filed a few issues). 

Alternatives may exist, but the main issues are:

1. Someone needs to be aware of their existence (must be FOSS, btw, some 
contributors do have issues in having non-Free software for our core 
2. Someone needs to *evaluate* them keeping in mind KDE's needs and 
3. Only then, it should be proposed to the community.

And currently this someone is not there, and unless someone appears (and 
sticks around, which is the hardest part), things will move slowly.

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