New framework to review: KPackage

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Dec 3 15:29:11 GMT 2014

Hi all,

In the past weeks I have been working on a new framework, called KPackage.
(during Akademy seemed there was some interest for applications to use it)
It comes from the old classes Plasma::Package, so is actually old and tested 

It can be used by any application that wants to ship any additional "non-
binary" content, such as extension scripts, extra artwork, or anything that 
for instance can be shipped via get hot new stuff.
It should be a Tier 2 framework, as depends from 

Plasma::Package will become a simple dumb wrapper around KPackage for 
retrocompatibility (and deprecated)

applications to use it should implement a little plugin for the package 
structure, that tells where it should install stuff, what kind of content 
supplies (for instance javascript files under the code/subdirectory)
and the Package class will offer an api to access files from it 
there is also a simple little tool called kpackagetool that can be used to 
install, remove and list packages.

I would like to submit it (kpackage repo) for the usual 2 weeks period of 

Marco Martin

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