Splitting kactivities reporitory

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Tue Aug 26 11:35:02 BST 2014

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 11:35 AM, Ivan Čukić <ivan.cukic at kde.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> What do you think about splitting the kactivities repository into these:
> - library (would remain in the kactivities repo)
> - daemon (kactivities-service)
> - workspace stuff (kcm, doplhin file linking, activities:/ kio, something
> else?)
> The reason why this came up again is that the library follows the
> requirements
> for frameworks regarding supported compilers and platforms, while the rest
> is
> *nix-only. (the trigger for the mail are the attempts Nicolás made to
> compile
> the service with msvcc which does not like templates that much*)
> This would make kactivities a (sort of) tier1 framework since it would only
> depend on Qt, and would have an optional runtime dep (the library behaves
> properly when the service is not present). This would allow any
> application to
> support activities in Plasma, and not taint its code with ifdefs.
> The alternative would be to separate only the library and keep the daemon
> and
> the workspace stuff together. That would work as well.
> Cheerio,
> Ivan
> * there is a flag which allows building only the library at the moment, but
> that seems not enough.

Maybe you can move those to plasma-workspace then and leave only the
framework in kactivities.

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