Review Request 117174: Fix installing and removing desktop plasma theme packages.

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Mon Aug 11 19:58:04 BST 2014

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Review request for kdelibs, Aaron J. Seigo, David Faure, and Ian Monroe.

Bugs: 149479

Repository: kdelibs


Even though the bug appears RESOLVED it is not.

Minor hack to packagestructure.cpp to search for the metadata.desktop file recursively. This helps with installing desktop themes and removing them.
I have tested this on kdelibs 4.13 compiled with kdesrc-build. When testing themes ignore SoftSand for example, it's metadata.desktop is not properly formatted. There are others too which are not formatted which I guess could be fixed by setting a new format standard, maybe even a check package script to check new uploads on

EDIT: It seems I was wrong regarding the specified bug , where it's stated that the fix was for the themes to be removed from khotnewstuff and it is correct, so the bug is fixed in that regard. But the theme is not removed from the system or the list in the kcm desktoptheme module, when removing it with ghns, it only is not listed as installed. This fixes the "remove", so the theme is correctly removed completely from share/apps/desktoptheme/$theme_name and ghns. The fix consists of making libplasma/packagestructure look in another subfolder for the metadata.desktop file if the file is not found in the specified current path.


  plasma/packagestructure.cpp 71148e1 



Compiled, run systemsettings, go to Desktop Themes, install / remove away. Some themes are broken so they won't work (not install).


Andrei Amuraritei

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